Thursday, July 30, 2015

Legal Software Singapore

We offer a wide range of solutions and services that not only help companies improve operational efficiency but also significantly help companies achieve their goals.
Through our years of researching viable solutions, ERP systems, and the markets we serve, we have found that Lgal.One provides all the tools and credentials for businesses to be successful.
ViSoft uses the latest software development methodology of "Agile Software Development", which includes iterative development, close customer collaboration & providing frequent releases to the client. Using these latest development methodologies we ensure that the implementation procedure meets the needs of the customer.
We have vast experience in developing enterprise grade business applications and provide a consolidated service throughout the various phases of development of an enterprise solution including:
- Business Process Analysis, Fact Find & Requirements Gathering
- Architecture & Design
- System Development.Implementation
- Roll-out and User Training (Functional & Technical).